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How many Custom stand has preferential code+rubber band bracelets

ple aware that he always wear a wristband on the game. Do you know what is on it ? It is a black silicone wristband that says I PROMISE. There is a story on the wristband. It was James"commitment to the Cleveland people. It"s a promise to bring the championship trophy to Cleveland. It inspires LeBron to play better and won more games and finally get the championship for his city. As it is made from high quality silicone rubber, it feels comfortable. It give us strengh when we are on the game. We can make a custom wristband like the one of I PROMISS wristband. We have professional designing and production team to do it. Your slogan and logo can be debossed on the wristband. All the pantone colors are available. Like Curry wristband is blue, Leonard wristband is black. We choose our own colors to may our own basketball wristband not only for ourself but for our team player.  

e details. It do not contain latex. So it is good for people who has allergy to rubber. Silicone plastic is the main component. There are many kinds of silicone plastic for different fields of industrial product. Silica gel contains organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel. Silicone plastic is one of organic silica gel. Temperature resistance, Weatherability, Electrical insulation performance, Physiological inertia, Low surface tension and low surface energy are the outstanding characteristics of organic silica gel. The one we use to make wristband is named Polysiloxanes di-Me Me vinyl vinyl grorubber band braceletsup-terminated chemically. We add curing agent to the soft original silicone plastic and mix them evenly, then put it to molding machine with high temperature of about 200℃, a few seconds later the silicone plastic gets solidified. Here comes the silicone wristband with custom logo by mould. Characteristic of the silicone plastic stay same on the process. All of our products are made from 100% high rubber band braceletsquality silicone plastic, eco-friendly, comfortable to wear and durable.  

mens rubber bracelets

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